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“It's a wrap: Advanced Labeling technology Saves Time, Money and Resources”
Food, beverage and packaged goods companies around the world are discovering that 30-year-old labeling technology can’t deliver the process control or sustainability needed to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. New non-contact labeling solutions cut operating costs and energy use, while increasing productivity.
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8th World Adhesive & Sealant Conference 2012 - WAC2012

Creating the future does not stop here!

Brussels, 15 October 2012 - The World Adhesive & Sealant Conference 2012 has brought together over 900 delegates from over 42 countries representing 362 companies to discuss the future of the Adhesive and Sealant industry.

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Selecting the Right Adhesive Melters

Selecting the Right Adhesive Melters for Your Packaging Application.

in the 22 years since 1988, when Nordson Corporation first introduced hot melt application equipment locally in India, much has changed in the use of this exciting technology. The Indian packaging industry has clocked a very high growth rate. At the same time, driven by exacting customer needs, the industry has rapidly absorbed some of the most recent technologies in the manufacture and use of packaging products.

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MiniBlue™ II - Hot Melt Dispensing Applicators

Compact hot melt guns deliver industry-best service life and superior, consistent high-speed performance.

Nordson MiniBlue II applicators set the new industry standard for speed, reliability and performance. Ideal for operations with close flap-compression sections or smaller flaps with shorter adhesive beads, these applicators deliver consistent, robust performance.

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Stop Wasting Adhesive - Save 30% with OptiBond™ Solutions

Reduce Adhesive Waste – Not Bond Strength

Hot melt adhesive shortages and price increases will continue along with the growing world demand for oil and the petroleum byproducts used in EVA hot melt production.

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OptiBond™ White Paper

Optimizing Hot Melt Adhesive Use in Packaging Operations.

Minimizing waste while preserving bond and package integrity. Resources once considered endless are becoming both limited and costly. The manufacturing of typical EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) hot melt adhesives used in packaging, requires petroleum and its byproducts, currently in short supply and high demand.

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A long-lasting bond for building lighter cars

BARCELONA, Spain – For its favorable strength-to-weight ratio, automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly looking to carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) as a step toward building the “greener” cars of the future.

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