Message from the President

president Welcome to the website of our association. The Adhesives and Sealants Association (TASA) was formed in 2010 to cater to the needs of this industry in India.

The founding members along with many other players in this industry had long felt the need to set up an organization that would, from a neutral and not-for-profit platform, look after the larger interests of the industry.

This neutral platform is necessary because there are common interests of players in the industry - interests that need to be looked after, interests that, at an individual level, member companies would find difficult to manage. TASA plans to play that role.

TASA has many plans, but they primarily focus on two things:

Ours is a knowledge-driven industry. As India has opened up to the world over the last two decades, users of our products have taken giant steps in bringing new products to market, and doing so more productively and efficiently. Underlying this has been the deployment of new knowledge. Many of the new products that have become common place in recent years - from better and more energy efficient transportation, to cleaner water and safer health care products - have been made possible thanks to adhesives and sealant (A & S) technologies that simply did not exist a few decades ago. This process of knowledge-based change will accelerate in coming years.

TASA aims to play an important part in this process of change. Disseminating the knowledge of new A&S technologies through seminars, workshops, publications, trade shows and other means will be a key priority. As a neutral representative of this industry, TASA is uniquely positioned to do so without commercial bias and with great credibility. TASA will put together common industry standards and test procedures that may be used as yardsticks across this industry. TASA plans also to set up a consulting capability, that industry user may use in determining the best A & S processes for their purposes.

TASA also aims to promote the business interest of its member companies. We plan to advocate the common needs of this industry and promote laws and regulations that are rational. And by bringing diverse industry participants together on a common platform, TASA will facilitate the efficient meeting of buyers and sellers.

Needless to say, as the needs of its member companies change,TASA will change too. We expect, in any case, that this will be an interesting journey, one that will bring significant benefits to our society in general and to our member companies in particular.
Benefits Of Membership
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